A Tiny Backyard Wedding at The Inn on Church of Fairport, NY

a tiny backyard wedding at the inn on church in fairport new york

When Loretta first reached out to me, she mentioned how important it was for her to find a space that felt warm, gathered, and lived in. Although it wasn’t the venue they had originally booked for their wedding, The Inn was absolutely beautiful and honestly, the perfect spot for a couple who adores antiques as much as these two. The Victorian-style house was filled with old furniture and collected decor and had plenty of space for everyone to sprawl out and get ready together.

The entire morning felt so quiet and still, but you knew that under everyone’s skin was filled with nerves and excitement. “Eclectic, creative, joyful” – the three words Loretta used when describing to me her dream wedding. Although COVID forced them to scrap their original wedding plans, eclectic and joyful was exactly the wedding day they had.

The only other people in attendance were Loretta’s parents, her aunt, and her best friend/maid of honor. Unfortunately, Jacey’s family couldn’t attend in person, so they ended up hosting a Zoom wedding where a handful of loved ones were able to watch them exchange vows from near and far. Loretta and Jacey even found a way to have their original officiant, and friend, marry them through Zoom as well. How amazing is technology?!

From the heirloom brooch Loretta wore across her heart, to the hand-woven rug they stood on as they exchanged vows, everything was so intentional and well put together. There were so many little hidden details woven into the day to make it special, and you would have never guessed that it was all put together just weeks ahead of time. While their original wedding plans included around 100 guests, a taco bar, and a live musician, there was something about this quiet + intimate turn of events that just felt right.

I think that although everyone felt grief for the day they had originally planned, there was still so much joy in air for the simple fact that they still got to get married no matter what. At the end of the day, Loretta and Jacey just wanted to be married and that’s what mattered to them the most. They knew they’d evetually be able to celebrate with everyone in person, but it was just so important for them to leave this day as husband and wife, even if that meant a little flexibility.

On this warm and peaceful Saturday afternoon, under a canopy of trees, Loretta and Jacey are married. The best part of the day (besides their marriage, of course) – they got their tacos!