Micro-Wedding at The Kester Homestead

Kester Homestead Intimate Wedding Alyssa Vanzo Photography

Scott and Jeannette were originally planning on a 120-person wedding, but ended up downsizing due to COVID. While they briefly considered postponing, they just wanted to be married. So they found refuge at The Kester Homestead, who was willing to host a tiny celebration of just them, their parents, and siblings.

Jeannette’s family flew all the way from Hong Kong to be with them, and thank goodness. Her mom and sister were able to help her with every little detail from zipping up her dress to putting on her jewelry, and her father was able to give one of the most heart-warming speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding. He talked about how she was such a strong-willed and intelligent little girl, and how she has grown up to be such an inspiring and dedicated young woman. Jeannette’s sister also gave a speech and talked about how much she looked up to her big sister growing up and how she has become an insurmountable role-model. Scott’s father talked about how Scott has gone through such a transformative process from his teen years into his adult years, and how he has no doubt that he will continue to be a strong and devoted husband. The emotion and sense of pride that filled the space was so inspiring.

The day was very slow and intentional. They had an incredible 5-course meal that took up a majority of the evening, and everybody stayed focused on being together and enjoying everyone’s company. Everyone looked so happy and proud to have each other in their lives, and that’s what a wedding day should look like. Weddings should be a celebration of how proud you are to have one another. I could see on every person’s face how blessed they felt to have such a beautiful day + beautiful company in their lives.

Everything about the day was beautiful… the space, the decor, the flowers. But the biggest take away for me was the pride that I was able to witness and the amount of gratefulness this family has for one another and this day. You could just tell you were in the presence of something incredible.

During their first touch, Scott said something that stuck with me: “let this day be the day we love each other least.” The truth is, marriage is hard. After you leave the wedding day, the rainbows fade, the flowers die, and the excitement calms down. But what you’re left with is so much bigger, and monumental in comparison to the frills of a wedding day. And when you center your wedding celebration around this, as did Jeannette and Scott, you’re able to start your marriage with the understanding that this is so much more than a party, it’s the start of something bigger than yourself.

I wholeheartedly trust these two are going to have a beautiful and fulfilling marriage and I am honored to have been the one to capture the beginning of it all.