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Hudson Valley Content Day

Upcoming Content Days for Photographers

Date: May 10, 2022

Location: The Glynwood, Cold Springs, NY

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Let's bring your mentorship to a whole new level - rather than just a few hours together, we'll rent a space and spend two full days together. We can travel somewhere new together, set up a more adventurous or luxurious shoot, and spend more time diving deeper into business or photography related topics.

A 2-hour Skype call where we can cover any area of business or photography you're struggling with. We can dig deeper into your business message/branding, critique your website or social media, review your emailing and touch points, discuss pricing or workflow... nothing's off the table.

We'll start with 2 hours of open Q+A where we can cover an questions you have about photography or business. Then, we'll jump into a live, in-person shoot with a real couple or model. I'll walk you through my process as I shoot and will be an open book as we go. We'll wrap things up with a review of what you learned.







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