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Bride running on a beach at dusk wearing a flowy bridal gown by Murashka

Location-specific guides and additional planning advice that breaks down the stressful walls of wedding planning, leaving you with a seamless experience that photographs effortlessly.


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Baja California Sur

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From suggestions on navigating a foreign city and what to pack to tips on finding a location and sourcing wedding vendors, this free 20-page downloadable guide covers all the basics you’ll need for planning your next trip or destination wedding!

Planning Guides

Don’t fret – I’ve got you covered.

You’re excited to start planning the personal and immersive wedding celebration of your dreams, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

The guidance doesn’t end here. From inquiry to delivery, I infuse personal connection and transparency into every client relationship and am committed to making this as seamless of a process as possible. Like I keep saying, this is so much more than a photography package.

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