Las Vegas Adventurous Couple Session

Las Vegas Adventure Session Alyssa vanzo Photography

I met these two on a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas where I was meeting a friend to spend the weekend + find inspiration. I had been in a creative rut for awhile, and because my photography business was brand-spankin’ new, I hadn’t had much time to figure out exactly who I wanted to be as a creative business owner. So I turned to my friend and trusty mentor, Anni Graham, who put together this beautiful weekend to explore and re-discover our purpose as photographers.

We took the day slowly moving from one room of the house to the next, experimenting with all the light pockets dancing through the windows. Because our time wasn’t rushed, we were able to escape that dreadful pressure to “get the shot”, and instead be so much more intentional with our time together. We moved furniture, played music, and tried things we knew wouldn’t work. We laughed, shared stories, and created memories that I will forever hold in my heart. The entire day felt effortless, and before we knew it, five or six hours had gone by. Not once did we have to look at the clock, or worry about our time together running short.

⁠After our time in the house, we drove out to the desert through a random dirt path that wasn’t marked on Google maps. We drank wine as we watched the sky transform from gold to blue, and embraced the shifting hue of the desert as we emptied sand from our shoes. After our time in the desert, we roamed the streets of Las Vegas and soaked up the ambiance of the “city of lights”, the ended the day with a trip through In-N-Out and laughed the whole way home.

I know its probably not practical, but this is how I dream all of my shoots being. I want so much more than just an hour with you… I want two, three, or even four hours if that’s what we need to thoroughly explore our creativity together. I want to put on some much, pour some drinks, and move through the location you’ve chosen with intent. I want to chat about life, laugh at the stories you tell, and hop in the car and end the day exploring a place neither of us have ever been. I want to stop at the drive through on our way home, or maybe walk around the city with you for a night cap. I want to explore a new place with you without ever having to look at the clock or giving your story a time restriction.⁠

I have so many goals for the future of my business, and being more than “just a photographer” is by far number one.

Endless thanks to Anni, Lexie, and Declan for working together (effortlessly) to create a friendly space for innovation.