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Every meaningful story starts with a meaningful location

If you’re anything like me, you deeply appreciate travel and how inspiring and enlightening a new place or culture can be. Especially on a wedding day, going somewhere different allows you (and maybe your loved ones) to disconnect from your conventional lives so you can completely immerse yourselves in the meaning of the day.

Planning a destination wedding can seem intimidating and for some – impossible. However, whether you’re an experienced traveler or this is your first time leaving your home state, I offer countless resources (and personal experience) to guide you through the planning process. From helping you find additional vendors to scouting locations and curating an itinerary, what I offer is so much more than a photography package.

No matter where you dream of going – international or stateside – it would be my honor to travel for you. No place is too far and as a passionate and avid traveler, I am always prepared for a journey.

Upcoming Travel & Availability

Below you will find all the travel I already have planned over the coming months. My travel plans change frequently, and I usually have some flexibility with dates. Even if you don’t see your location but are still interested in booking with me, there’s a very good chance I can make something work at the location you’re dreaming of!

Fill out my inquiry form and we can set up a call to talk more about specific locations and dates that align with my availability.

San Luis Obispo, CA

'22 / August

Big Sur, CA

'22 / September

Joshua Tree, CA

'22 / October

Lake Powell, UT

'22/ October

Todos Santos, MX

'22 / November

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Amangiri Resort, Utah

Baja California

Faroe Islands

Greek Islands



Oregon Coast



A list of my favorite places I've ever visited, and a few I still dream of experiencing! Book your wedding or elopement at one of these locations, and with your photography package I’ll include a complimentary fine art album.

To learn more about albums and the various destination wedding and elopement packages I offer, start by filling out my contact form here.

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From suggestions on navigating a foreign city and what to pack to tips on finding a location and sourcing wedding vendors, this free 20-page downloadable guide covers all the basics you’ll need for planning your next trip or destination wedding!

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