Upstate New York Elopement Photographer

Alyssa Vanzo - Upstate New York Elopement and Wedding Photographer

For couples who crave experience & connection

Co-creating & preserving intentional experiences that leave you with timeless photos of who you are your best:
together, forever.

Based in Rochester, NY

Traveling Worldwide

Co-creating & preserving intentional experiences that leave you with timeless photos of who you are your best:

together, forever

Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer

Based in Upstate, NY | Traveling Worldwide

your story and how it's preserved
should encapsulate
who you are at your best

If you’re feeling detached from the expectations set by everyone around you, I want you to know this: it’s okay to do things differently. This confusion and disconnection you’re feeling is probably because the experience you’re planning isn’t true to who you are or what this day means to you.

Your wedding day doesn’t have to feel detail-orientated, contrived, or emotionally draining. Instead, what you can have is a day that celebrates who you are and what brought you to this day in a way that feels genuine, immersive, and effortless.

For the love of

Connection & Experience

& what you want from me – IS SO MUCH MORE THAN just photos

You want someone who can preserve the most meaningful moments in your life in a way that’s honest to your personalities, dreams, and values.

The photos you want are going to come from a place where you were truly living a moment, and there was someone there to capture that storyline and that experience.

Imagine an experience with...

Deep connections

A location in nature, away from distractions, that allows you to focus completely on the meaning of this day

Intentional Experiences

A guide who helps you plan your day filled with unbridled intention and significance so you can live out an experience that’s undeniably you in every way

Timeless photos

A photographer who encourages minimal posing so you leave with photos that wholly encapsulate your personalities and this experience you’ve so intentionally designed together

About - Alyssa Vanzo Photographer

Traveling Elopement Photographer based in Upstate (Rochester) New York

MEET Alyssa

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here —

Hi there – my name is Alyssa and I’m a photographer who serves couples that crave a deeper connection with both each other and their photographs. I chose to specialize in elopements + intimate weddings because I believe so strongly in their ability to reveal the gravity of love and human connection.

I am based in Upstate (Rochester) New York but spend most of my professional time traveling the country and the world!

What I offer is not just a photography package – I encourage my couples to think bigger, connect deeper, and live intentionally. I guide them through the process of building an experience that celebrates who and where they are right now in both love and life, then preserve that experience through documentary-style photographs.

"Alyssa was there for us at every step of the planning process, checking in and talking through ideas and making sure that we were thinking through the whole process of our elopement experience and getting it very goal oriented and purposeful... This is not something you can get from just any photographer. That kind of intention is so special and priceless."
Taylor & Nevin ⟶
"Alyssa wowed us with her raw talent. Not only did she capture our day perfectly, but she also made our photoshoot session so enjoyable and effortless. She had been very present in our planning process since day one and provided us with a lot of support. The photos turned out spectacularly - something we will treasure for a lifetime."
Jeannette & Scott ⟶
A Serendipitous Sunrise Elopement at Glacier Point

I do things differently

Yes, you’re going to get photos, but that’s not what you’re really wanting – the heart and soul of those photos is something so much bigger: it’s the preservation of who you and of this transcending moment that you want to remember and later share with others.

What I do is foster couples through experience-based sessions where they build deeper connections with both each other and their photos through time in the outdoors. From the moment you book your date, to well past the day you receive your photos, I’m committed to being so much more than just your photographer, but also guide and new friend.