Hi, I’m Alyssa

Photographer specializing in destination elopements & intimate weddings around the world

What I care about most is how you remember this moment. This isn’t about me, or even just about photos; it’s about unearthing your unique personalities, dreams, and values and preserving it all in a way you can enjoy and revisit for the rest of your lives.

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LGBTQ Friendly

Celebrating who you are & the versions of you that exist right now, without distraction… that’s what my business is all about.

Traveling Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer, based in Rochester, NY

My job & passion is to encourage an atmosphere for deeper connection

This photo from our honeymoon is one of my favorite things I possess because it embodies every little sight, sound, and emotion we were feeling at this point in our relationship. No trending details distracting us; it’s just effortlessly us and where we were in this moment — and that’s what I love so much about it.

Being married will challenge you and shift your perspective of what it means to love and provide. It will change you as both individuals and as a team, and will show you that you are capable of so much more than you ever envisioned possible. To celebrate and preserve this transformation takes so much more than details; it takes an experience that allows you to connect with each other on a deeper level and remind you of what brought you to this day.

I didn’t build this business just for the love of marriage or photography, but instead around my love for the human connection.


On a day so personal and pivotal, you deserve to feel valued and heard. For some, this level of intimacy only comes with a quiet and distraction-free atmosphere, and an intimate celebration will give you just that – space to speak and permission for unbound vulnerability.

Intimate celebrations suppress the noise that so often clouds perspective, and instead allows you to experience wholly the love and meaning behind this day.

No one here is judging you. You’re here to be yourselves and experience this place or this person in all their entirety. Run, frolic, explore, play — love and be loved just as you do. Connection, experience, and preservation above all else.

What I Do
I’m not a boisterous or animated photographer and with me you won’t be heavily posed. Instead, I’ll dive deep to discover who you are and work with you to build an itinerary that photographs effortlessly without manipulation.
Who I Am
I’m a wife, a cat-mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. I’m inspired by rainy mornings illuminated by candlelight, the howl of thunder, and peacefulness of nature. I value a minimalist lifestyle but traveling to new places will always warm my heart. The unknown is where I come alive, and the open terrain is where I shine as an artist.

Add a gif slideshow here of 3-5 personal photos of myself my life (me + Ron, my cats, me traveling, me with one of my couples)