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This is not just a photography package;
it’s about experiencing connection

This process isn’t about me, or even just about photos; it’s about exposing your unique personalities, dreams, and values and preserving it all in a way you can enjoy and revisit for the rest of your lives. I dive deep to discover who you are, and work with you to build an itinerary that provides something worth photographing – worth preserving.

On a day so personal and pivotal,

you deserve to feel valued and heard

For some, this level of intimacy only comes with a quiet and distraction-free atmosphere, and elopements give us just that – they offer the space some need to speak and give permission for unbounded vulnerability. Even if just for a day, eloping suppresses the noise that so often clouds our perspectives, and instead allow us to experience wholly the love and meaning behind this day.

I didn’t build this elopement photography business just for the love of marriage or travel, but instead around my love for the human connection. My approach as an elopement photographer is different than others because I want to reveal + preserve who you are and how you’ve arrived at this tide in your life.

When I was planning my own wedding, I felt so disconnected from everything I was ever told a wedding day is supposed to look and feel like. Everyone, including myself, kept getting caught up in the rules and details that before you knew it, the meaning of the day was buried.

This photo from our honeymoon is one of my favorite things I possess because it embodies every little sight, sound, and emotion we were feeling at this point in our relationship. The roaring wind, the light pouring into the valley below our feet, the gigantic mountain range making us feel so small… all of it painting an allegory of our new marriage and all things to come. There aren’t any flowers, expensive gowns, or trending details distracting us. This photo is just effortlessly us and where we were in this moment, and that’s what I love so much about it.

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Alyssa Vanzo Photography | Image by Anni Graham

Upstate NY Elopement Photographer

Traveling Worldwide

Being married will challenge you as a human and shift your perspective of what it means to love and provide. It will change you as both individuals and as a team, and will show you that you are capable of so much more than you ever envisioned possible.

Your wedding day is the beginning of something, but it’s also the end to something. To celebrate and preserve this transformation takes so much more than details; it takes an experience that not only allows you to connect with each other on a deeper level, but also reminds you of what brought you to this day and why you chose each other. Celebrating who you are and preserving the versions of you and your relationship that exist right now, without distraction… that’s what my business is all about.

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This was not an experience where you need to be posed and told how to look. Instead what you’re going to get from Alyssa is real, authentic, fun, romantic photos that are glimpses into who you and your partner are.

How special is that?


You’re probably feeling confused and disconnected from the traditional wedding industry and you’re looking for an experience that celebrates who you are and the deeper meaning behind this day.

And that’s okay. Your wedding doesn’t have to be centered on details; it doesn’t have to be distracting, time consuming, or exhausting. A wedding can feel effortless and emotionally driven. It can, and should, feel immersive and undisturbed.

Together we will co-create an intentional experience that leaves you with timeless photos of who you are your best:

together, forever

I’m here to help you discover a location and itinerary that strips away the noise and provides unlimited space for authenticity and vulnerability. My job is to encourage an atmosphere for deeper connection between the two of you, then preserve that connection with a candid product you can take with you.

You’re going to leave this experience with not just photos, but a time capsule to relive the story of who you were at that moment, where you were in your lives, and why you chose each other.


I believe in
connection & experience, first

About - Alyssa Vanzo Photographer


After working with so many couples and getting married myself, I’ve discovered that my skills as an artist go beyond seeing color and composition. What I excel at is seeing who people are on a deeper level, how they interpret and connect with their surroundings, and what their love leans into. My process depends on unearthing who you are, planning our time together with intention, then capturing moments as they naturally happen:

Step 01 ⟶ Discover

The foundation of my process depends on a discovery phase, where I learn who you are and what brought you to this day.

Step 02 ⟶ Plan

From there, I’m able to provide resources and suggestions for locations and activities that encourage you to focus on each other and the deeper meaning of your day.

Step 03 ⟶ Document

Nothing is more beautiful than how you already interact with one another, which is why I’m not going to tell you how to do any of that. And because we’ve already designed a day so authentically and effortlessly “you,” we’ll be able to capture this experience and how it felt without manipulation.

Want to learn what it takes to create your own meaningful experience?

Alyssa Vanzo is a destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Upstate NY. Serving areas of New York State such as the Adirondacks and Hudson Valley, but also frequently traveling worldwide.