Even from a young age, I’ve always been an observer rather than a participator. My attraction to the perimeter likely stems from my unconventional upbringing where opening myself up to others always felt like a challenge. Through all the uncertainty, I found peace in creating. Whether drawing, painting, or making my own clothes, being an artist helped me cultivate connections in a way that felt empathic and genuine.

Today, I still find peace in creating but also in quiet days at home with my sweet husband, Ron, and our two cats, Millie and Clark. Most of my inspiration comes from slow mornings, time spent in nature, experiencing new places, and deep conversations with a good friend. I’m always craving serenity, and I’ve found my purpose in inspiring serenity in other people’s lives as well.

A Rochester, New York based photographer with passion for natural aesthetic & human connection

In a world where distractions are so abundant, I love basking in moments that ground me. My personal taste falls wherever nature and indulgence collide and I treasure every opportunity I find to slow down and be completely present. Gardening barefoot, hosting Sunday dinners, becoming a mother, and building a home beside my husband with our own hands – these are the dreams that motivate me.

I didn’t build this business just for the love of photography or travel, but instead around my love for the human connection.

There are so many trends in the wedding industry that often water down the meaning behind the day. Pinterest-worthy photos are incredible, but at the end of the day marriage is beautiful, compelling, messy, and humanizing – the exact qualities so many quietly seek in their wedding experience and photography.

Marriage will challenge you and shift your perspective of what it means to love and provide. It will change you both as individuals and as a team and will show you that you are capable of so much more than you ever envisioned possible. The photographs of your wedding day are meant to remind you of this and stand as evidence of how far you’ve come together.

My Why

It was his love and unwavering support that made my dreams finally feel possible, and this business will forever be a tribute to how enlightening marriage can be.

My Values


My approach is real and genuine; I want to capture you as you are so you can forever remember the inherent qualities and sensations of your day that made it irrevocably “you.”


With a keen eye for detail and emotion, I am dedicated to capturing the moments of your day that defined not only how it looked, but also how it felt by both you and your loved ones.


As both an avid traveler and wedding planning expert, I am committed to sharing all my knowledge and expertise that would aid in creating your most thoughtful, purposeful, and efficient experience.


I strive to bring my warm, calming presence into every interaction because after all – I’m a real human being who resonates with the meaning behind your day and the significance of each person and detail you choose to be a part of it.

It’s so important to me that I feel a personal connection with a couple before they book with me. When we share similar values and have the same vision in mind, it makes the process of seeing and preserving their most cherished moments feel effortless for everyone.

My relationship with my husband is unique to any other relationship I’ve had in my lifetime and his tireless nurturing of my ambitions, emotions, successes, and failures is my continuous source of inspiration. I understand the gravity of your commitment and will put a piece of my heart into every step of this process.

"Alyssa is such a talented photographer and has such an eye for beauty as well as an ability to put her couples at complete ease. She pours her heart and soul into her craft and it shows."

Pam and Alan


What I Offer