Meet Alyssa

Photo by Bean Art Photography

Hi, I’m Alyssa and I’m an intimate wedding & elopement photographer who’s obsessed with the aspect of human connection. It serves as my biggest inspiration and driver of all my work. To me, there’s no better subject than two people deeply connected and passionately in love, enveloped in an intimate moment.

I didn’t grow up in a traditional family picture, so I often felt like I had to put up a guard to protect my emotions. Because I never felt safe or confident in being fully myself, I developed a severely introverted personality. Secluded, quiet moments became my safe space, and one on one conversations were where I felt heard.

When it was time to plan my own wedding, I didn’t resonate with any of the things people were telling me I had to do. I didn’t want my day to feel generic or formulated. I didn’t want our day to be based on everyone else’s expectations. I wanted to feel a connection with my partner on our wedding day and make our promises to one another in an environment free from distractions. Once we discovered our own way to celebrate our story, I felt it was my calling to empower other couples who were also seeking connection on their wedding day.

Get to know me…

I’m a native-born upstate New-Yorker currently living right outside Rochester. While we both love traveling as much as we can, my husband and I are also huge homebodies and enjoy as much snuggle time as we can with our two cats, Clark and Millie.

I’ve been an artist since I was a baby, but only discovered my infatuation for photographing couples a few years ago. Growing up, painting and directing (really bad) home movies with my friends was where you’d always find me… two things I think helped drive my passion for storytelling today!

Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day

Other things I love

Rainy mornings, warm beverages, cleaning (yes, seriously), vanilla candles, sunrises, oversized sweaters, literally any dessert, antique rugs, fresh flowers in the house, French 75’s, minimalist living, diner breakfasts with my husband, laughing at my own jokes, being barefoot outside, and of course Clark & Millie (I know I mentioned them already but I’m obsessed)

My Approach

With each of my couples, I promise to…

Be present and provide guidance through every step of the planning process

Embrace your unique love story and allow an atmosphere for authenticity

Blend into the natural environment to the best of my ability and capture moments as they are already happening

But more than anything, I strive to be so much more than “just” your photographer, but also your guide and new friend

My upmost goal for every couple I work with is to provide them an experience where they can feel a true connection. From the moment you book your date, to well past the day you receive your photos, I’m committed to being so much more than just your photographer.